About Us

Your treasure will be even more special in a custom ring box that’s just as stunning

Giving your soul mate an exquisite ring in a tacky box is like wearing your gym clothes to the altar. Every unforgettable detail of your big proposal and your big day should be as special and one-of-a-kind as the love you share.

We know from experience

We started making custom jewelry gift boxes shortly after we got engaged — after Mahon gave Nicolette a ring that screamed “wow!” in a box that said “blah.” Years later, we’re still happily married, and we’ve been working ever since then to provide lovers like you with custom jewelry gift boxes that match the beauty of the treasures inside, and reflect the unique qualities of your relationship.

You’ll feel as good about giving your gift as your loved one does receiving it

Confidence comes from knowing that you’ve taken care of even the tiniest details. Our custom ring boxes and other jewelry boxes are handmade from the same piece of timber, making sure the grain is unique and uniform, and they’re finished with a lovely natural satin wax. When you put your ring or other treasure inside, you’ll be confident knowing that every detail of your special gift is perfect. Click here to read more about the handmade quality of our custom jewelry gift boxes.

When you give the gift of our custom ring boxes, you give a gift to Mother Nature

We use only sustainable timber to make our premium gift packaging, and we proudly support leading-edge efforts to maintain and improve the ecosystems in New Zealand and Australia, where our wood is grown. Click here to learn about the environmental efforts your purchase supports.