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In 1997 Mahon Jones proposed to Nicolette with a gorgeous ring.  The only problem was, the box Mahon handed to Nicolette was plastic, black with a tacky gold trim (not Mahon's fault at all, it's what the jeweller gave to him).  Nicolette knew, that a gorgeous ring lay hidden inside but this box no way it gave a good first impression!

But Nicolette did say "Yes"  that of course was the best part!  After the celebrations, they realised, there was a need for a ring box to wow the receiver in that proposal moment.  A box that reflected the same beauty of the gorgeous ring hidden inside and didn't take away from the precious moment.

At that time Mahon was a Carpenter by trade, he knew how to work with timber, so they decided to go back to their jeweller to ask if he would like Mahon to make a wooden ring box designed especially for his engagement couples.  The jeweller loved the idea, so Mahon got to work. 

Once Mahon had the first design sorted and available for engagment couples, their jeweller realised that this new wooden box was a real hit with his customers. Apparently to the point where, some of the customers were more excited about the actual box than the ring they were picking up!  

So from there Mahon & Nicolette (still happliy married!) realised there was a niche market. They have since created a global exporting company for named GIVE Premium Packaging, and supply jewellers with beautiful sustainable packaging around the world.


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